bn - BRS Eye Cream with Organic Rose Oil - 1 oz, 30 ml

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An ultra rich eye cream, Bulgarian Rose Signature’s eye cream with rosehip oil can visibly improve the appearance of all types of skin and especially when it comes to getting rid of those unwanted wrinkles around the eyes. The formula used in this cream provides intense moisture to the skin around the eyes and supports natural collagen production, so that your skin remains firm, leaving you with firm, youthful looking eyes that will impress everyone in the room.


The rose truly represents beauty. It’ looks and smells beautiful, and it also provides you with many beautiful benefits that will keep your skin looking as young and radiant as ever. Whether its crow’s feet, under eye wrinkles or vertical lines under your eyes, this specially formulated eye cream can repair existing wrinkles while prolonging future wrinkles from appearing around the eyes. Considered the best in anti aging facial creams, this product fights off signs of aging which usually begins with the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the eye area to deliver a younger looking you.


And that’s not all, as this eye cream works over time, you will experience a visible reduction in wrinkles, spots and other facial marks which come along with UV damage. This luxurious formula is able to provide up to 24 hours of moisture to your skin which ensures that your skin remains refreshed and illuminated throughout the day and night.


Best of all this eye cream includes natural rose water and yoghurt which helps improve firmness in your skin, especially around the eye area along with boosting the levels of moisture which helps safeguard your skin from signs of premature aging or UV damage.

Active Ingredients:

• Natural Rose oil.

• Rose Absolute.

• Natural Rose Water.

• Yoghurt.

• Collagen.

• Squalene.

• Rosehip oil.

How to Use:

Apply on well cleansed skin around the eye area with gentle massage movements.