az - Essential Oils Pocket Reference 7th Edition

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Author: Life Science Publishing

Brand: The Oily Essentials Purely Naturals


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  • 2017 Essential Oils Pocket Reference Guide ( formally Essential Oils Quick Reference Guide) 7th EDITION ESSENTIAL OIL POCKET REFERENCE (EOPR) It's time to celebrate! This publication round marks the beginning of a much more useful, more navigable index to guide you immediately to what you're looking for. The 7th Edition of the Essential Oils Pocket Reference is your portable, compressed manual, detailing every essent

ISBN: 0998313610

Publisher: The Oily Essentials Purely Naturals

Details: The Essential Oils Pocket Reference is a condensed version of the popular Essential Oil Desk Reference. It is divided into 7 chapters with 3 appendices, containing usage in history and modern medicine, the top scientific research, methods to safely use and apply essential oils, and much more. The Essential Oils Pocket Reference includes a directory (single oils, blends and personal usage). Features Young Living oil blends and formulations.

EAN: 9780998313610