bn - Lady's Joy Luxury Perfume with Organic Rose Oil

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Lady’s Joy Luxury Perfume is the perfect fragrance for confident and beautiful ladies just like you. The fragrance reflects your spirit, spontaneity, and the most powerful feminine traits of your personality. And all that comes from the finest quality of pure Bulgarian rose oil blended with Moringa essential oil.

This is a floral fragrance that is contagiously fresh. It has power to enliven up the ambiance of any room you step into. The freshness and purity of the ingredients used in the product will transport you and everyone around you to a different world, a world where you are the centre. If you desire such admiration and attention, this can be your signature fragrance.

However, Bulgarian Rose Karlovo is a company that understands that fragrance is not all about casting a spell on others; it’s also about feeling good about your own self. Natural rose oil and Moringa, have a subtle fragrance with a greater impact on mind and spirit. When combined, this fragrance can calm down nerves and help you fight anxiety. So, this perfume can be your true elixir in situation where you need to stay confident and be the best of you. Of course, the scenarios can range from a formal job interview to a first date.

Despite all these properties, the fragrance is not overwhelming or strong. As a matter of fact, it is light and mild enough to be easily wearable in most situations. So, if you need something a bit more than pure rose fragrance, this perfume can be your perfect signature scent.

Active Ingredients

100 percent pure Rosa Damascena extract, 100 pure Moringa extract

How to Use

• Spray on your skin near the neck and on the wrist

• Don’t spray too close to the eyes, nose, or mouth