bn - BRS Nourishing Face Mask with Rose Oil and Yogurt

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Do you know why you get dull skin and break outs all of a sudden? That’s when your skin cells lose their ability to function properly. There are many culprits behind it, and there is a long range of product to pinpoint and target each factor. But what if when you need an instant boost to the cell metabolism and synthesis to improve your skin’s appearance without waiting too long? Bulgarian Rose Karlovo has just the right product for such scenarios.

Bulgarian Rose Signature Nourishing face mask will work on a cellular level to leave your skin refreshed and clean in just ten minutes. From fine lines on the forehead to uneven tone around the chin area, this mask will resolve it all for you. The secret to its effectiveness lies in the rare assortment of natural ingredients and authentic essential oils.

In addition to the key moisturizing ingredients of Bulgarian Rose Signature series, this mask contains collagen, squalane, and polysaccharides. Collagen, as you know, is what keeps your skin flexible and wrinkle free. Dehydrated skin loses the ability to produce and retain collagen. That is why you see those fine lines in various areas such as outer corner of the eyes, mid of your forehead, and around the laugh lines. This mask will significantly improve collagen synthesis within a matter of minutes, visibly reducing the number of lines.

Squalane is something you may not have heard of much, but it is oil naturally present in the body. Like collagen, squalane also keeps the skin young and flexible by maintaining a healthy level of moisture in the epidermis. However, as an ingredient in this mask, it spreads a layer of protection on the surface that works in two ways; blocking away the harmful agents, and locking in the moisture.

No wonder, this is one product every lady needs to deal with all kind of skin problems.

Active Ingredients

Rose oil, Rose Absolute, Yoghurt, Collagen, Squalane, Argan oil, Polysaccharide

How to Use

• Apply a thin layer on the face and neck

• Massage gently and leave for 10 minutes

• Rinse thoroughly with warm water