Toy 8 Ball Stress Toy

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Because it can be used at work, play, or in water, it will soon be a valued companion.

The perfect tool to help you with muscular tone. The benefit of squeezing is renowned to release the kind of energy that induces relaxation.

Squeeze it, throw it, catch it! Because it’s easy to have fun with this foam squeezable toy. Perfect for play by yourself, a special friend, or a group.

Stress relief by squeeze toys has been shown to relieve stress because all of your energy and focus is being redirected and taken out on the stress toy. 

Squeezing stress balls has been shown to relieve stress by redirecting energy and focus and taking the stress out on the stress ball.

Build strong and active hands and forearms

Light weight, so children and adults can toss and catch indoors or out.

Use it in the pool; it's waterproof.