rj - Rose Joghurt Hair Balsam with Yogurt and Rose

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Ever wondered why you always have a bad hair day right when you need to attend a party or some other event? Well, time to say goodbye to such nightmares with an instant shine and bounce solution. Rose Joghurt Hair Balsam is a magical product that works instantly to repair damaged strands and provide them a mirror-like shine along with a lively bounce.

As a product of the Rose Joghurt series, the product contains yoghurt, rose oil, and rose water among other ingredients that include argan oil, collagen, brown algae extract, and krambizol. Argan oil and yoghurt work together to provide each strand with healthy nutrition and proteins essential for repair of hair shafts. The damage repair process is further expedited by the brown algae extract, a superfood known for its ability to reconstruct the keratin fiber while regenerating the cortex. This means it will strengthen the strands while improving the surface texture as well.

The real impact however, comes from the instant dose of collagen your hair gets from this product. It restores the elasticity and life in each strand, giving it the volume and bounce you may have lost to hair and chemical damage.

If you want brilliantly shiny and bouncy hair that smell of wonderful roses, this balsam should be a part of your basic beauty regimen.

Active Ingredients

Natural rose oil, natural rose water, yoghurt, argan oil, collagen, brown algae extract, krambizol

How to Use

• Apply a small amount on damp hair

• Massage and leave for 2 to 3 minutes

• Rise Thoroughly

• Use after shampooing your hair , preferably with Rose Joghurt Hair Shampoo